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1962 Triumph TR3B

1962 Triumph TR3B

1962 Triumph TR3B

1962 Triumph TR3B. Chassis TSF15L. Black/Red Leather. The 15th TR3B produced at the Forward Radiator factory. Chassis No. 15. Body No. 39, and Gearbox No. 43. 81,000 three owner miles from new. Largely unrestored with all original interior panels and weather equipment. Sold new at Oxford Motors in East Rutherford, N.J. to a West Point cadet. Sold to the 2nd owner in Tacoma, WA. in 1963. I purchased the car from him in 2000 after a 17 year sit in his garage. Sorted for the road in 2000-2001. Fitted with overdrive, wires, factory steel hardtop, and dealer installed Motorola AM radio.  Original purchase order and dealer documents with car listing a sale price of $2407.50.

TR3B interior

TR3B interior

1962 Triumph TR3B Interior Shot.

TR3B engine shot

TR3B engine shot

1962 Triumph TR3B Engine Bay Shot.

1962 Triumph TR3B

1962 Triumph TR3B

1962 Triumph TR3B. Invited to display, Kirkland Concours 2007.

Triumph TR3B Tool Roll

Triumph TR3B Tool Roll

1962 Triumph TR3B Factory Tool Roll with original owners manual and gas/oil/mtce log from new.

1962 Triumph TR3B

1962 Triumph TR3B. I changed the look a bit. Resprayed the factory hardtop black to match body color. Installed a fresh set of Michelin XZX tires. When the tires were off, I sprayed the factory wires satin black. Also fitted is a set of restored, original side curtains in black. All of the original factory weather equipment that came with the car, ie: soft top, tonneau, hood stick cover, and side curtains, are safely stored as I rarely remove the hardtop.

1962 Triumph TR3B

1962 Triumph TR3B. The new “black out” look.

TR3 Montana Tour 2010

Montana Tour 2010. 2,250 miles in six days. Summit of Lookout Pass. Montana-Idaho border. Averaging just over 29MPG at 70-80 MPH cruising speed.

Triumph TR3

Triumph TR3B at speed. Charging up the Continental Divide in 4th gear overdrive just East of Elliston, MT.

Triumph TR3

Triumph TR3B. Columbia River gorge. June, 2010.

1962 TR3B

1962 TR3B. ATDI Cle Elum 2011

8 Responses to “1962 Triumph TR3B”

  1. Joseph says:

    is this car still available?

  2. Ethan J. Saffer says:

    Is this car available for purchase? Or do you have another TRB that might be?

    Ethan J. Saffer

  3. jim sickler says:

    looking for a 3 B 425 330 0728

  4. Johnny D says:

    I have loved TR’s since I was a teenager. Is this car available? 2156520533

  5. Mark says:

    Sorry no. The car is not actively for sale at this time. Check out the other TR3A’s on this site listed under “Cars for Sale”. Cheers…

  6. Stephen Gomez says:

    is this car still available. if so i am very interested. (415) 264 9584

  7. Tom Mascot says:

    Is this TR-3 for sale? I am interested if so. Thanks, Tom Mascot

  8. markjones says:

    Sorry the car is not actively for sale at this time.

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